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When I was a mechanic I did not care about the paperwork completion and record as well as we  had over us (in Pakistan) the ENGINEERS and they used to take care of documents. When I myself became an engineer that responsibility was additional time requiring task and had to complete this task with a different department.  when I started in Saudia Airlines I had both of the responsibilities on together {as of different FAA SYSTEM (Federal Aviation Administration) in SAUDI AIRLINES (SAUDI ARABIA) and in Pakistan the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) British system} were  effective, any way to make it short in American system of FAA work and documentation paperwork completion both lay on the individual’s shoulders that is the mechanic will work himself and sign it out the final for responsibility of job and then another individual from department of aircraft inspection will buy it off the work and finally the paper control organized and checked  by depart of documentation which went by the name of aircraft production and planning control.   After 15 years as a certified mechanic when I joined  the office work of aircraft maintenance production planning and control I realized that major part of  the game, if you call it a game of aircraft maintenance is other then installation, removal and all related jobs depends on the paperwork issued and work compliance check for the release of aircraft back as serviceable for service completion. (BIS.. Back In service) And it was not to be taken lightly as it is required by authorities to monitor the performance of aircraft as well as the work completion by  maintenance personnel too and the points for promotion assigned by the work completion.. work package also as NO JOB is finished until the PAPER WORK is finished.

 This story covers an incidence where not the paperwork only but a tape recorder was used to unveil the truth!.As a controller in B-737 AND MD-90 Control Booth  there were many head of jobs assigned and if I show you the hand made chart I made and showed to the inspection team  from FAA on their visit while I was assigned in control booth it would become an extension of the present story, so let’s keep it for some other time  any way related to the part ordering we had responsibility of AOG((Aircraft on Ground)) or AOG is a term in aviation maintenance indicating that a problem is serious enough to prevent an aircraft from flying. Generally there is a rush to acquire the parts to put the aircraft (A/C) back into service, and prevent further delays or cancellations of the planned of work)))parts ordering too in which I had designed a special form from my experience of aircraft maintenance to facilitate the operation. In this form there was a key answer to every question raised in mind like date , aircraft ATA chapter,  MM ref, IPC ref and who is ordering, at what time, the allotted AOG number { which is use to give by the main AOG section of MATERIAL MANAGEMENT} and finally who received the part at the control booth. The receiver’s signature and at last given to maintenance personnel for his signature. Finally   .. I’m giving you all these details for two reasons {1. may be somebody like to make such a form in his work place} and secondly every step of this incidence requires for the reader or the listener to have a background information.  It was as usual busy working day and the eight hour shift was very heavy. It was a day shift and a lot of unscheduled work is expected in day shift as the people working in administration normally anywhere else don’t have rotating shifts but in aircraft maintenance it is mandatory and you can not have a 9 to 5 kind of shift. Any way it was a normal high load work, we had one 737 for check c and another B737 was grounded for fuel leak repair. The third  B737 was having an unscheduled write up from line maintenance regarding avionics problem and finally the 4th arrived for ground time BOWAC,(Bill Of Work) write ups clearance. As I told you all the heavy work environment was in day shift; all the problems which people keep on shifting comes alive like investigation or analysis of work in progress checked by different departments. I can give you much more details but as a normal reader or listener is not familiar with our work I will emphasize on the real story. To make it short at the end of 8 hour shift a person is so exhausted that the actions or reactions to the queries by even colleagues are intolerable (the part of Human Factor) as I wrote earlier that ordering of the aircraft AOG parts and monitoring and follow up of it such as when it is received  then handling of it to the concerned specialty and particular person who had ordered it was a part of the controller’s duty. Hence after a hard day’s work of 8 hours handling unlimited paperwork, attending related or unrelated telephone calls and answering all the questions asked by different departments and personnel, I was completely exhausted and handed over the shift turnover(duty hours were over as( it was a regular feature).

 I had left my table and was headed home while I was still in the control booth an AOG part arrived by a material management personnel and he said that sir please take it as I have to deliver in my shift although the shift had ended an 1/2 hour before but in the interest of the maintenance I said OK give it to me and asked what is the part ? He showed me that it was an AVIONIC part and I signed on the receiving register what that person was having. He took my signature and gave the part to me. I went back to our register and checked the record it was order for one of the B737 in hangar and belonged to avionic. Now the whole of my shift had already left and had gone so I took the part and gave it to the shift arrival of that particular specialty (AVIONICS). The supervisor was my friend Mr Eissa Radian and I asked him to take this part as its for avionics and may be they have not been given shift turnover  information but the part had just arrived so Mr Eissa Radian took the part and I left for home with a relief and satisfaction of any other day that I performed my duty with all the adjectives you can add yourself like loyalty honesty add some more..The next day when I came on the duty the workload was normal the line maintenance aircraft HZ-AGN the B-737 which was on an unscheduled special visit had gone back to service and we had only three aircraft in hangar. The work was smooth and all work was normally in process. 

It was on the third day of which I write about in this story of that particular AOG part. That morning  a saudia technical quality assurance personnel entered our office and inquired who is Mr Abbasi I looked at him and answered yes it’s me can I help you [ people who have worked with me may perhaps still remember me with this particular offer of mine on telephone or any other conversation : this is Abbasi md90 control booth can I help you. It should be may I help you but once I said can I help you it stuck with my normal telephonic exchanges or any queries )) so back to story yes I said and looked at the gentleman normally some known  faces used to visit us for different investigation so I thought maybe he is newly hired. well this gentleman asked me to please leave the job and accompany him to the TQA office as you are wanted in a special inquiry and report with me. Now I was looking at his face and became worried and disturbed that what had happened the duty crew my friends and colleges in my control booth look at me and give some funny remarks which i don’t want to write but I still remember.

When I reached  the special room of TQA I felt something strange. There was a table and two new faces who I had never met or seen were sitting there and there was a lamp along with few papers and files and to my surprise there was a mini tape recorder also there.  They informed me that on the order of our vice president we are doing an immediate investigation and they asked me to sit down. the tape recorder was switched on as they asked me the first question ‘are you Mr Shujaat Abbasi?’ I said yes ‘and my prn is 3033481’  one of the men said ‘Mr Abbasi only answer the questions we ask and don’t make extra words’. I for a minute got a sense of fear with anger and I said sir can i ask something they replied me you just answer (in the movies one has seen the interrogation and I was having the same ) so I just decided to be quiet and answering only there questions. The second question they asked was “do ordering parts through aog deck comes in you jurisdiction?”  I replied in the affirmative. The third question followed “do you often order aog parts?” I said yes if all the forms are complete and the shift manager had signed it I call aog. The fourth question was very sharp “how many AOG parts did you order this week?”. I answered quite a lot and have to see the record to tell the exact number. The person who asked this question handed me the register ( in which the details were recorded) and we have checked did you order this AOG number xxxx i said yes this was for HZ-AGN which was in hangar   for check A. They said HZ-AGN was gone back in service on 10 of the present month  as per record and AOG part never arrived BY THIS DATE and then this AOG was received after three days and you had received it and then this AOG part which you have ordered yourself and is also received by you is found in TRASH we came to this conclusion that there is something is fishy. A bombshell just come on my head oh GOD they are thinking which way (in fact heard from somebody that there were some personnel before who ordered the AOG  parts and kept it in there custody for whatever reason and something wrong had happened before) so with this bombshell I said sir no doubt I order the part myself and have all the Particular field of AOG. The form was completed and signed by the shift manager who requested  the AOG the wise guy sitting in front of me asked then you received the part too I said affirmative but let me tell you I have given this AOG part hand to hand to the avionic supervisor Mr Eisa Radian after that you can inquire from him the other person who was a little soft spoken told me Mr Abbasi you will be sitting in the room and we will call the concerned individual which you name now and be quite so I was sitting and the avionic supervisor Mr Eisa Radian enter in the room before he saw me the TQA personnel who was inquiring stand up and asked Mr Eisa Mr Abbasi is telling us that he had given you this part which was AOG xxx did you have received from him Eisa Radian for a minute kept quite as he has seen the tape recorder and myself too sitting without any hesitation he said yes ABBASI has given me the the part  I got up from my seat and become so emotional that I start saying ALHAMD O LILAH  (الحمد لله  الحمد لله)continuously start going out of room nobody stop me the TQA( Technical Quality Assurance)  personnel asked avionic supervisor to sit and please clear some more question and also told me MrAbbasi thank you for your cooperation we will find the truth and let you know too (which they never did)

Now i was so shocked that  why after all my hard honest work throughout my career how such big charged was thought of so I decided to find the facts myself and I am sharing with you.  The allegation was that (I came to know after going to all different levels of my circle) I was ordering parts and having some kind of connection with some people who supply the aircraft parts  and when the parts received I make it disappear or return back to stock and it ends up in very big financial loss as the AOG parts are acquired in very high price approximately three times the original price of part  as my small and limited salary according to the standard of living there at that time was not up to the status rather was high above normal Pakistani employees for example was owning a Caprice classic car and coming on the job with three piece suit and Samsonite briefcase some jealous people thought that  I was involved in some kind of dirty business and … a lot to say but coming back to story as after such a long time people must have realize that i was a not caring of money coming and spending all rather emphasize in any saving for my old age the result is now looking here and there to make my life expenses i wish i had the wisdom to keep some money for my present time in which going through a real hard time )).coming back to story  a Boeing 737 which was unscheduled arrived for some major job ( logbook complain clearance write up by pilot ) which was in need of an avionic part probably the transponder as i am not sure it was an avionic related part any way the line people made an AOG request too for the part and the aircraft was sent in in hangar in the meantime the hangar avionic people troubleshoot the problem and they got it fix also as there was a B 737 under a check they ROB and swap the part from the hangar aircraft and install  it in line aircraft also as the problem was solved they put the line unscheduled aircraft BACK to service and aircraft gone back now the major and non excusable mistake when they ROB the aircraft part from parked hangar aircraft under check C NOBODY did any write up of robbing part and no information was given to control path or entry in the aircraft log book even breaking the procedure as well .. it was and is i believe till now that aircraft parts are swap to each other with the requirement of ground time and priority base but if you do not make any entry any where it ends up in a very annoying and dangerous attempt … (((have another story of B747 aileron pcu ROBBING and consequences))) {{ for some other time}}}////normally when you take part from the serviceable aircraft one should  make a log book entry and a rob tag to be installed in the cockpit on pilot control steering column ////}}well well as no record was share with hangar control booth nobody was aware of the AOG made by line people and and it was my bad luck you call that when this part came through AOG desk as they have transfer the NUMBER to hangar  i without checking any record took the part and sign for receiving the part on the paper brought by AOG (AIRCRAFT ON GROUND ..or AIRCRAFT OPERATIONALLY GROUNDED ) part delivering man now as i told you it was an end of my shift i was going home and was on the door stepping bout to make everybody job easier as it was written on the box AOG number i took it and gave it personally to the arriving shift supervisor EISSA RADIAN hand to hand and told him verbally please take it as this is for  line unscheduled aircraft give it to the people working on that aircraft and i went home .

Now when Mr Eisa Radian  reached the aircraft it wasn’t there as it had already gone back to service towards line again so he brought the part and he put in the control booth and told them that Abbasi has given this part so please handle it for further action to be taken by control booth but there was no record in control booth, so it was kept on the side where the returning parts are kept. Well the story takes a turn here: the people assigned for returning parts were also not aware of any thing about it as no document they kept aside rather it was left outside on the ground and was forgotten about.  In the morning the cleaners came around and without realizing what is in the box they start putting in TRASH! Meanwhile the shift manager was making sure that hangar is clean, his order to cleaners was to put trash outside hanger from there truck will come to pick trash, so they kept outside all trash and this box was in that lot. 

Now one of the material management personnel who was taking care of that extra parts returned and saw this very box  it had written on it clearly ‘AOG’ by curiosity he took it and gave it to his manager that see a serviceable part was found in trash the manager was shocked and as he was going early morning  daily briefing headed by vice president he took that box and in the daily briefing of all the departments heads sitting in that room he placed it on the table and showing his efficiency claimed that see we bring the parts as early as possible but aircraft maintenance people order unnecessary parts to put the time delay in our account and worst of all they throw it as UN SERVICEABLE  carelessly without any information tag or serviceable document attached,this was a very big charge made in daily briefing against maintenance by material management . There is always and there will always be some confrontation between these departments(( don’t want to go more detail as story is lengthy already }}} and so the VP got upset with proof on hand and ordered a special inquiry to know the fact which was led to the formation of a report by investigators.

NOW all was clear but the FAKE news was already viral in the circle and I had to explain to everybody that why the VP has ordered the investigation against me.

Small mistake  and also in the interest of the workflow I had taken the part and sign for it  and then so things were scramble around instead of praising i was tried to be defamed but everything was true and clear.I am still remembered as a hard and honest worker. I have been given a copy of a letter from the office  of DG (director general) of SAUDIA AIRLINES for recommending extension of my services to the limit of my age at least and if you know Arabic you just read it ((although this certificate has got nothing to do with this present story but so many other information gathered about  me might have the reason.).this is my true belief ALLAH IS GREAT. People who wanted me to be in any kind of problem never succeeded.

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BOEING 747                       Image result for HEAD ON COLLISION AIRCRAFT      

Incidents and accidents are very common when we have a mixed number of people in a group and as a human factor  interesting subject of any organization and department of human resources commonly known as HR is initiated in the past few years  in fact the work remain the same but the name is modified so my this story is dealing with an incidence which would had cost the highest price of losing two aircrafts and 100 of lives  do you guys remember accident in which two aircraft were completely destroyed and more than 400 people went to heaven(.Pan Am flight 1736 and KLM flight 4805 had happened in march 27 year 1977  ) …..Human errors as you will understand now are the major cost of any accidents……..wrong decision ,less experienced individual leading the job careless behaviour and individuals who are not sincere to their job but rather concentrate on some other factor of environment ,all of these are major contribution to accidents which occur due to human negligence ,individual who start another job before completing the prior one also create mess ..any way my this goes around on some of the factors which I have mentioned  another way of saying. ( in all around wrong decision ,less experience doing the lead job ,careless behaviour and you name the reasons whatever name you give but I call it not sincere to his or her profession rather concentrating on some other factors of environment and not perfect attention on the job which is assingh or was given to them you might have noticed many incidence while doing one job the person will start another job not related and then some mess happened)))Any way my today’s story is go all around the above reason or factor i have given  Let me clear you regarding myself I was treated like a pawn or let’s say a jack of all for any where in work by my supervisors of that time and some of them  regardless of whatever i did they used to give me a hard time and some of them were so against that they involved me in so many problems even my life was endangered on many assignments   but people forget that there is ALL MIGHTY ALLAH who take care for all of the things may be some time the devilish force overcome but if the person is right and perform the requirements of his or her life in line with the ALMIGHTY   whatever and wherever will be supported and protected by GOD  ALMIGHTY As usual I was working on some job on the aircrafts arrival for a check in hangar. you know the panel open ups and such kind of labours assignment was my faith without any consideration and lubrication,hydraulic or service of tires were usually given to a person like me who were  IN VERY …. GOOD BOOK and treated like …. You just name it   by the immediate supervisor well i was doing some kind of same job one of the lead mechanics of that group who had an open negative attitude came to me and ASK ME WHAT I WAS DOING ?? although seeing that I was involved in the job and he  told me to report to the B747 aircraft which they had to take it to line maintenance from hangar as the maintenance check is completed and aircraft is BACK IN SERVICE so with other crew I left the job I was doing and reached the aircraft jumbo which was ready for pushback and even the toe tug was attached  I asked that lead and acting supervisor what I have to do he told me you are going in cockpit to hold the captain seat and he pushed me in aircraft so i was very much surprised as had a very less chance to be in cockpit of 747 for any related job and taking the jumbo to line maintenance from hangar  as I was sitting on captain seat was the first chance for which i became scared as before many time taken the aircraft as member crew of the team but it never happened before to be as a commander and the most difficult part was to communicate with control tower so i became frightened   naturally a person doing the jobs outside on different areas of aircraft suddenly you ask him to be the master of the ship and sit on pilot seat it was so surprising to me as usual i was assingh on jobs in area 9 fuselage and area 7,8 the wings also some time on area 10/11 with less assignments on engines no doubt when ever require use to go in area 5 the cabin too but taking  BIG aircraft also B747 NEVER HAD ANY CHANCE OR EXPERIENCE but I stepped in cockpit and there were three other mechanic the two of them were from avionics and were busy in some kind of jobs related work one of the avionics I felt was kind He was very nice and polite and very less talking man keeping full concentration on the job whatever assigned to him but I use to have hello hello kind of friendship with everybody and this man was also one of the friends I used to have immediately I asked him for help for  he look at me astonishing “yah what can i do “I asked him kindly take the command of the communication with control tower as i don’t know and do not had proper command on the terminology or position explanation simply i was not knowing anything even which frequency and all related radio communication(( in other days the personnel taking the aircraft never tries to share such any thing which bring their trade secrets .. probability ))require with the control tower simply he says why then you have came and i told him the man acting supervisor has pushed me in last minute am he looked  at me and realize that there is no other way too as the push back had started and communication for the permission to line maintenance from hangar was in process too so thanks to almighty ALLAH the kind hearted avionic supervisor start the communication with control tower the difficult part was that to reach the line maintenance we had to come on main runway a short distance and there were intersection too and cross the cargo aircrafts parked on their positions very heavy air traffic is normal on jeddah international airport so if control tower will clear for that area only then we were able to move the control tower gave us the green and a specific time to proceed on main runway from apron so the push back started  the tow truck was already engaged and start rolling one of a mechanic who always remain in front line to get a chance for more experience had taken the command of toe tug driver sooner we reach on the main runway the control tower start calling us and commanding us to stop the entry on main runway and immediately  stop  we listen and the commander on the conversion with control tower  inside the cockpit call the toe tug master to immediately stop rolling  but he did not respond any and kept rolling ( again we furiously start calling the tug to immediately stop  but no response was coming and toe tug continued rolling then we realize grave situation as control tower was ordering us to stop immediately and not to enter on main landing runway  on again and again we shouted and even press the emergency attention hooter which is installed in nose wheel well area to bring the attention of the toe tug driver but that emergency attention hooter was also inoperative as the tug master kept moving and we enter on the main runway and did not respond or  answer as may be he has taken out headset from head and remain hanging in neck common style of show off may be so we try to bring his attention by the special hooter again and again but unluckily that was in operative and there’s no other means of communication was coming in our mind in such condition as we all became nervous too  and now the problem became panic as the control tower start yelling and shouting in their maximum indecent vocabulary capacity telling us immediately hold the movement and stop but our aircraft was on main runway and there i noticed the danger time and death will come as the landing light of the aircraft which was coming to land was on approach almost to land on this runway on which we were on and and i can see the landing gears were down and almost on the landing position  well i just start reciting the quran verses which i normally recite and also the personnel inside whole cockpit and some area 5 the cabin interior maintenance mechanic who were busy to final of seats and fancy work remain also gather at cockpit door and start praying oh GOD oh GOD (I still after a long period of this incidence has past almost 30 years back but it still haunts me and feelings of terrifying memories shiver me ) we were helpless and the memories of the two jumbo collided sometime back  start flashing in my mind all of us were helpless as we were on the main runway and can see the APPROACH landing of the aircraft was in process and there was no chance to avoid collision from our side the tug was rolling on the runway and there was no way we can cross or make turn on anyplace on apron as no communication with tug master the avionic supervisor was answering control tower as they were also helpless we all were hearing the communication from that aircraft too approaching for landing as well it  was TUNIS Air B737 ON ITS LANDING POSITION . and i heard the communication between TUNISAIR 737 and control tower that pilot of that aircraft took an immediate action and CANCELED(aborted) the landing. (you might heard an ABORTED TAKE OFF as it happens many time of different reason .but this was may be ABORTED LANDING )as control tower told them the situation i saw the Tunis aircraft so close in RE TAKE OFF condition as close as i never saw in my entire life.. Even i have seen pilot looking to us such a horrible scene n i wish nobody see in his life  it was a lucky escape another chance of life given by ALMIGHTY ALLAH .. that TUNIS AIR aircraft was in the sky and we were on the main runway finally we reach to the taxi bay and there i saw a lot of jeeps airport authorities already there with a FOLLOW ME trucks as our jumbo was parked the authorities grasp and take us for there investigation its my luck again although i was in the cockpit as a commander but that gentleman avionics supervisor GEORGE came in front and took the responsibility of heading the communication was done by him on the other end the toe tug operating mechanic WAS ACCOUNTABLE TOO his headset was taken in possession which was check for function and it was ok  it was assume that he was not wearing properly rather normally hanging in his neck and a lot of investigation ( ((you can well imagine ))the harsh investigation was done which i don’t want you people to involve but one of the main factors that wyhy the horn ALARMING HOOTER(inside nose wheel area which is normally use to alarm the tug master was also not working and found inoperative i was given clearance without any question as the commander was answering the control tower all was proof a by the recording as well in control tower record  So many years have gone and but whenever i think of that time when the aircraft was approaching on final touchdown and we were helpless to move it quickly from the track so many question still putrote arouse in my mind    but i know nobody can answer as a very long time has passed and the people witness with me are also may be passed from lime path but still i ask myself 1. Why i was pushed in the cockpit in the last minute before the pushback start .   knowing my capability that i was not so familiar with control tower communication .2 the person responsible for towing the truck did not respond why the headset was unserviceable or he did not wear i(( AS HE CLAIM IN HIS STATEMENT THAT HE WAS WEARING AROUND WHICH HE FIGURED OUT INOPERATIVE IN LAST MINUTE BEFORE WE DEPART FROM HANGER AND THERE WAS NO REPLACEMENT TIME AND HE JUST AS IT WAS NORM FOR HIM TO TOW THE AIRCRAFT AROUND HANGAR AIRCRAFT MOVEMENT WITHOUT WEARING HEADSET JUST BY GROUND MECHANIC MARSHALLING .. SAME WAY HE WILL JUST CROSS THE RUNWAY …AND TOOK THE STUPID DECISION OF TOWING THE AIRCRAFT))  properly. 3. The warning ALARMING horn in nose wheel well area was in operative and did not make alarming sound at the time of need 4. Selection of crossing the main runway intersection was for what reason TIMED almost aircraft arrival for landing .and so many queries and question keeps jumping in my mind but this world you keep on asking questions to yourself YOU won’t get any answer the only words can be still that ALHAMDULILLAH THANKS ALMIGHTY ALLAH that the TUNISAIR pilot made a quick decision of cancelling its landing on the minimum time left in his hand as we there JUMBO RIDERS were looking the lion coming towards us and were helpless to ranaway oh my GOD  what seenwould have happened otherwise  resembling  TENERIFE AIRPORT DISASTER   between Pan Am flight 1736 and KLM flight 4805 had happened in march 27 year 1977  when they collided …as in our case we were in a little difference not taking off rather  we were on headon towards a flight coming to land ….. AFTER ALL THAT STUPIDITY AND WRONG DOINGS AND …INTENTIONALLY INVOLVING ME .. THEN  WHO SAVED ME CAN ANYBODY AMONG YOU ANSWER THE QUESTION PLEASE call me if you can shujat ali Abbasi +923232500934



THE REMARKABLE ..1/1/81 FOR ..M 1181


THIS is the story of my early days at Saudi Arabian Airlines  when i was hired as mechanic 1 in SPECIAL FLIGHT SERVICES of Saudi Arabian Airlines 

It was the year 1980 i was stable in my job as the senior mechanic Mr. Dick Pearson has taken my class so well that everybody was surprised of my progress and i was going very good in the aircraft …GULF STREAM .G2 MAINTENANCE for some people  and for some i became intolerable and that was the main reason i took transfer to the big hanger of tristar of MAJOR BASE but  AS I WILL only emphasize on this story  as there are many to tell  and life is short  

But it require more explanation i will concentrate on this present story

You know I was new in that group of people so was very obedient and acceptable in their needs this story is a story of strange and unbelievable things which happened that one night yes that night was the best of all my aviation  engineering career and technical life the night was the night i wish i see again but time flies off and memories of the events put me  in such condition not understandable by anyone but only myself

I was a rolling stones being the junior but that night made me the star of  unexpected and unbelievable history now

It was midnight of 31 /Dec /1980 and the new year of 1981( 01/Jan/1981) was starting  

My duty started at 2200 of 31 dec 1980 and had to finish 01 jan 1981 my friends & the general foreman my immediate supervisor who were   around me working with me told that hai ABBAS Tonight IS a very important night as we are assigning you as the night supervisor only for tonight we will    see how you handle the things as few of us will just enjoy the happy new year and you are the boss tonight  well I was astonished but there was no other way too  but nobody told me that it’s going to be the heaviest and very responsible as well as remarkable  night involvement wise unbelievable aircraft arrival and departure  took place as there was a big   conference ( The 3rd Islamic Summit Conference)  WHICH  was held at  Taif (Saudi Arabia)  and  lot of VVIP movement was expected through SPECIAL FLIGHT SERVICES which comprised of  our fleet of grumens G2 aircrafts AND THAT’S WHAT HAPPENED  I was involved fully in receiving get the aircraft refueled and departure as well In total I handle more than 10 sorties of G2 arrival and departure from and to  different countries and was very remarkable for me to serve crew of different nationalities as you all know that when the crew get some ground time they also wish to talk with the ground crew as well so it was a pleasant atmosphere and a night which will be remembered   and that  everything was very smoothly done  The remarkable thing happened when a senior pilot of another country politely tried to correct the work by pointing the column for maintenance signature hold my hand and stopping me from signing on the log book and try to correct it by  describing the columns for date written and column for maintenance ( work performed or remarks) signature he thought may be iam not aware and that

i don’t know anything as he never saw me so active like that night that  never had the chance to release the log book before (you know many pilots or flight engineer have some kind of supremacy   ((supermissy)) feeling on ground crew ) and may be  my face was new for him and with a commanding tone  he start telling me that this column of the log book is for date and this column is for maintenance  mechanic number and for the signature and I was making continuous mistakes  I looked at him and told sir today is 01 jan 1981 and i am writing that correct date  then he said why then you are writing 1181 again  and i had to explain sir this is my mechanic number too  that was M1181 GIVEN BY SAUDI AUTHORITIES AS I WAS CERTIFIED MECHANIC AND  TO MY SECOND SURPRISE HE SAID CAN YOU SIGN ONE MORE FOR me on  MY personal LOG BOOK  AND i did it it was like this 1.1.81/M1181  HE ALSO SHOOK MY  shoulder and SHOOK HAND AND SMILED he  folded that another paper which he kept in his bag and said THIS IS YOUR goodluck number  well that night i became famous as every refueling slip and all the documents related to aircraft work was M1181 IN DOZEN OF SHEETS also REFUELING SHEETS record for refueling service providers  in the morning they congratulated me for the successful night operation which was performed under my command …yes almost alone with some cleaner helper the other AIRCRAFT CERTIFIED maintenance crew were on a new year private gathering in their residential compound of saudi airline name known as SAUDIA CITY (KHALIDIYA JEDDAH) so i should not bring this funny comparison but it was something like HOME ALONE(HANGAR ALONE) but there a single boy was faceing strangers and handling accordingly and here  ….i was handling incoming GRUMMAN GULFSTREAM  G2 and G3 or CESSNA CITATION AIRCRAFTS  sortie PROVIDING all kind of ground support like refueling inspecting the required items and also marshalling  coordination of commissary service (this kind of operation the first and in my life was a overexposure of my abilities (AN ADVERSE FEELING WAS AROUSE its true when you go up you expose your*** for more ******** as news was spread in my circle that for  Taif islamic summit conference night ABBASI .. M1181 TOOK THE ,,,,,,,,,, WELL  FIX ANY VERB OR ADJECTIVE IN THIS SPACE  as i always write and say life goes on  nobody remember the good things performed and praised for  but people don’t forget the things as well which are adverse … ( ISLAMIC SUMMIT CONFERENCE OF 1981) can be check through GOOGLE search FOR  LOCATION and date accomplish 01 JAN 1981 (1-1-81)and my sign off MAINTENANCE NUMBER WAS M1181 .. do you believe in NUMBERs GAME  THEN WHY THE M1181 JUST GOT FAMOUS ON 1-1-81 ANY IDEA

all my stories and events can be discuss with me any time and for refreshing my memories will feel good to reply   





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MANY OF MY READERS POINTED OUT BY DIFFERENT WAYS either telephone or email or verbally that did the   incidents only happened when you were in maintenance or what about the events or INCIDENCES from planning also   so in this story I will give you an incidence from my aircraft maintenance planning job as the basic idea is to give you awareness of the  job you are doing you should be fully understand it and all aspect of it to be viewed as anything missed or taken lightly in aircraft maintenance or related jobs will always cost a loss of Finance in term of crash   may be   Image result for skull images ……LIVES or…may be BOTH   

As you know in aviation it’s not a one man show, it requires  teamwork and all the departments and areas are equally important when the safety or financial terms are concern  the man in ticket office to the store man issuing hardware or the logistic support is of importance that is necessary for smooth and successful operation of all the flights either  departing or arriving some job by virtue of their work are considered to be very important and as slight deviation from the standard practice can trigger trouble and you know trouble is always bad

Aircraft maintenance planning and schedule was a department which  was famous as AMSAC initially and then got famous as AMPSAC ..Aircraft Maintenance Schedule & CONTROL  it was extended to Aircraft Maintenance Planning Scheduling & CONTROL To explain it more the aircraft maintenance planning  regular the scheduling and controlling the aircraft regular maintenance checks, monitoring and scheduling the arrival in hangar  In addition to that of job control and performed reporting was with hangar production control the job at hangar control center( H. C. C )was very strange and challenging which was to and to provide  control the aircraft maintenance and to provide all kinds of support from engineering store to material management In short this department was the bridge between all the technical support and all the reports of work performed through B.O.W.A .C  Bill of Work the job selection which was generated by planning to be accomplished and used to control by HCC ( Hangar Control Center)

Dear friends I have gone in too much detail but as many of my readers or listener wants to know more and more in very short time ( ITS HUMAN NATURE subject dealing with MODULE 9  of HUMAN FACTOR ) ) so I have stretched this introduction SO many of students can read and learn too

One part of the job for a aircraft maintenance controller  was also provide the aircraft part s arrangement for the related job as per aircraft work package and if any EO engineering order required any modification kit  it was issued by Material Management for accomplishment of any Technical Orders or any AD (Airworthiness Directive)issued and asked by FAA to accomplish timely  serviceable flying aircrafts

So one E.O engineering order as per service bullion  from Boeing was issued for Boeing 747 leading edge slat  modification for anti-ice formation this EO (engineering order)  was issued and we brought the aircraft on a special visit to perform this task  also as the regular schedule check was due the aircraft was given sufficient ground time as this EO had a lengthy ground time requirement

It was a procedure and practice when aircraft was expected for any schedule maintenance checks the planning to inform the material management in advance ( a week) to prepare the L M kit (Line Maintenance Kit )or any special parts or kit which might be  required for any work related equipment so these people from material management use to prepare the requirement in advance and brought the whole items as per planning a short name was given CLASS 52 for that group who were making the required parts for that particular job in advance( to facilitate main operation) and a list was issued  to the hangar control booth where the parts were segregated and kept specialty wise like some for sheet metal some for avionics etc. etc. this job is very important and was very sensitive as the persons assigned this task in control booth were supposed to know each and every part of aircraft in other words all-rounder as if one day dealing with one specialty the other day some other  WORK will be there any way to make it more easy for the listener’s or readers I will use this quote from Boeing YOU CAN NOT BE NUMBER 1 OVER A NIGHT and people try to capture success in short time using different ladders to be recognized as number 1 normally got skid as there IS NO SHORTCUT to experience but also some of the people don’t think this way as I told you before this story was generated when a Boeing 747 was in hanger for some checks and there was  an EO (engineering order) to be accomplished for leading edge anti ice ducts so big and lot of metal pipes were arrived and they were given the number as per position on the aircrafts normally when maintenance people ask for parts the hangar control booth used to issue the whole lot and same thing happened all the box were counted and checked by the airframe specialist supervisor and the start installing them all the work was very smooth and removal of old and installation of new  ducts was completed successfully in allotted ground time everybody was very happy as this was the major engineering order and quite difficult as well as the access was on the leading edge of wing on a height so it was a difficult task which maintenance accomplished in record time EVERYBODY WAS HAPPY AND THE ONLY THING WAS REMAIN WAS THE OPERATIONAL CHECK as all the pieces and hardware were installed so after clearance the operational test was started the bleed air was put on sooner the operation of anti-ice started a big sound of air leaks hissing start all over the wings immediately bleed air(( THE PRESSURIZED HOT AIR COMING FROM APU auxiliary power unit)) was shut and investigation started and you know the clamps installed to JOINT   mount the ducts were having the special SEAL were missing and were not there …. as they were kept in a separate small and were not having any indication or  DISTINGUISH MARK on the box

The  planner issuing that complete kit  was not knowing the availability of those seals  and was not aware of it as there were a lot of boxes this masterpiece was overlooked while issuing   Also when the maintenance drew the parts the compleat EO KIT was issued and they just TRUSTed and never checked that part which was the main part the  JOINT SEALS GASKETs it was never installed in place only people only came to know when the operation started and bleed air started leaking with an horrible hissing sound everybody was frightened and scared till the bleed air was shut down  luckily no harm to any thing happened but an horrified panic happened also then the whole job was revived and all ducts were removed the audit finding was that planner was also not knowing the number of box as material management class 52 which was supposed to pack the parts packed and to be  delivered in separate box which was not having any specific marking identity A small negligence CAUSED THE EMBARRASSMENTS AND UN SCHEDULE GROUND TIME WAS POINTED TO MAINTENANCE ALTHOUGH EVERYBODY WAS FEELING SAD BUT THE NEW OJT(on job trainee) PLANNER WITH SHORT EXPERIENCE WAS ACCOUNTED FOR NOT ISSUING THE PROPER PARTS, AND POOR GUY WAS SO MUCH EMBARRASSED, ANNOYED AND VERY MUCH UPSET FROM THE PEOPLE WHO DID NOT DO THEIR JOB PROPERLY AND THE ROPE CAME AROUND HIS NECK i will not take his name he was a very good humble( we use to call him MUTTAWA المطوع ) and loving character i met and and still after 20 years almost i have his affection and love for him one of my best friend  is alive and now retired since i left SAUDIA i never had any contact but his face come in my memory as the famous “ WHAT ME WORRY” and i wish him a peaceful life here and life after

 life is like that some people without doing any mistakes are involved in unnecessary problems and some miscreant are never caught  so what to do again I will say do your job with sincerity and honesty with the maximum knowledge you acquired from environment and your what your  SENIORS have and leave the results to ALMIGHTY you will be satisfied and remain cool whatever the outcome may be as nobody is perfectionist and to keep up with time and phase even then then still  100 percent will not be appreciate able by all around



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When I started my website had an idea that I will share my experience  of events and incidents or accidents that happened with me and also where I witness them closely or was involved so a big list was created  when I start writing and recording too I figure it out that in most of the stories of incidence there were some things to cover for example let the other people or new generation to read and understand the incidence carefully so they could avoid the mistake done by that particular person or to safeguard them by learning the right way of doing the job in maximum safety of the personnel or equipment too so read or listen with that feeling on your mind that these stories are not just time passing “Alice in wonderland”or “Aladdin lamp” kind of rather they are factual stories and try to get the positive action of that incidence that may not happen  in your life  or around you just to caution yes inform the personals if you see something of that similarity what you have learn with my stories    So another one you know while you are working on aircrafts most of the valuable things personal belongings you would  normally put in you tool boxes and you would keep some very selected and essential items with you like your id card or mobile in your pocket now a days   This incident occurred with one of my trainee who became very cordial and friendly with me and he use to follow whatever requirement of the job in a very efficient way He was a bit heavy on weight rather overweight  but followed a quick and sporty kind of actions on the job what I mean just jump from trestle instead of using stairs o etc.etc. the day this incident happened he was with me and was very happy and he showed me his newly engagement rather arrangement of wedding ring it’s an ornament finger ring which is worn as the agreement of wedding  so ALI TUNKER was his name HE was very happy and and showed me the GOLD RING I congratulated him for engagement and promised to attend his marriage party too and we started our job that day  some panel on A-300 leading edge wing were required to open and we both stared with our speed handle while I started the job I saw his new ring was glittering and was little loose too I thought for a moment may he drop it  so told him Ali take out your ring and put it with your valet or in pocket you may not drop it as its too loose he became little emotional and said no this is my wedding ring will not takeout in my life then I told him Ali this is an caution don’t wear any loose items or ornaments chain ear ring while working on aircraft it can be fatal result he said abbas you made everything very difficult and you don’t care I will be taking extra care  so I kept quiet and stared removing panels and suddenly as Ali was also doing the same job he started too after a while I was little away from him as screw opening was in process and I didn’t see him a while I heard a scream and looked at him his ring was somehow stuck in a loose screw and poor guy was in such a pain and blood was also coming from his finger in which he was wearing the ring he was just helpless in pain so I had to hold his hand somehow and remove that and cut that metallic  lanyard attached to that panel screw which (was there for continuity of static discharge as well to let the inspection panel hanging ) and move him from that point To take him to medical for treatment as somehow that gold ring was put rooted in his finger too and the finger start swelling so we have to run to the hangar medical clinic for medical treatment now the poor guy was in severe pain the blood was stopped but the gold ring was in his finger and finger was swollen like a mini balloon the doctor on the spot gave him  a lot of pain killers also some kind of  injections to make a little operation preparation his figure was not broken and decision was taken to cut the golden ring  and final after hours of pain stacking that golden ring was cut and poor gay got his hand free from that painful situation under  local anesthesia I was quite remain with him and was helping whatever was required at that time a simple ignorance of not listening to my advice caused him that much pain and troubles  he was very sad also of losing his gold ring to cut in two piece so I was just giving him relief words and naturally nobody imagine and think of that such incidence can happened to him when an advice from senior is given  any way all of us who ever practically work on any mechanical things should not wear any kind of rings as it can be hazardous and as most of the people don’t think it will happened to them they ignore such precautions just imagine that was an gold ring which took an hour to cut on that wounded finger what would had happened if it would have been an alloy metal ring what normally people wear

So my friends it’s very nice to wear rings and ornaments in normal life but not on aircraft maintenance performing jobs

Take care and small care will save you from any such odd sittitut




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